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Convenient, battery-operated lift is easy to transport around the job site. Includes 110VAC charger, push-button control pad with digital display, and detachable control wand.


  • Lifting Height: 5-1/2" to 59"
  • Platform Size: PVC 23.8" * 18.5"
  • Lifting/Lowering speed: 2.17"/s
  • Lightweight, highly maneuverable
  • Features include push button remote control
  • New limit switch: to avoid exceeding the raise range and cut off power.
  • Battery Indicator and New On/Off Switch: Press to Stop; Turn to Start.
  • Non-marking polyurethane 5" steer wheels with brakes and 3" load wheels.
  • Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces
  • Recommend to use in S3 - Intermittent periodic duty
  • Can be used 80-100 times after fully charged




Powered Platform Lift Trucks, 330lb, 59" Lift Height

Loading Capacity

330 lbs

Platform Dimensions

23-2/3 in W x 18-1/2 in D

Lift Height Range

5-1/2 in to 59 in

Item Weight

140 lbs


71-1/4 in


34-1/3 in


23-2/3 in

Wheel Configuration

(2) 5" Rear Swivel with Brake; (2) 3" Front Swivel

WHEEL Tread Material



Battery Powered



Lift Time

32 Seconds Loaded; 26 Seconds Unload

Lift Control

Remote Push Button

Lift Mechanism


Frame Material

Steel Frame, PVC Platform


(2) 12V 12Ah Maintenance Free


IMPORTANT BATTERY CHARGING NOTE: The battery must be charged within 3 months of storage to prevent self-discharge. If the battery is not charged within 3 months of storage, permanent loss of capacity may occur. If the powered product is going to be stored and/or not in regular use, the batteries must go through a full charge cycle every month to ensure battery life and duty cycle.

Electric Work Positioner Truck, 59 Lift Height 330 lbs Cap

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